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Forgive us for getting straight to the point but time is valuable right? You didn't come here to read about features and benefits or look at glossy pics of sharp-dressed business people shaking hands. We're pretty sure you came to find out something about us and what we do. If not, well hello anyway. Stay a while and have a look around...

Data Strategy

Strategy - one of those words often used in conjunction with words like "leverage", "synergy" and "reimagining" in a meeting by people trying to make themselves look clever.

Our Data "strategists" are normal (but incredibly passionate and clever) people who have years of experience of helping household name companies look at any of their systems that generate data (that's all of them) and providing advice that they believe, using words that actual people understand. That's Simon over there, he's one -->

Enterprise Data Management

We don't need to tell you that managing your data is tough. Every day the world creates 2.5 quintilion bytes of data (that's either 33 or 18 zeroes depending on which side of the pond you are on). And 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years!

We're going to put modesty aside here - whilst they may not always look like it, our master data experts are world renowned; we've even written books on the subject. We can help take control of your data before it gets control of you.

Cloud and Hybrid solutions

You have a Cloud First approach right? In reality this may or may not be the case. Whatever your reasons, we'll likely agree but if we don't and it's right for you, we can work with you to help you move to the cloud.

What if you are really not ready, or have completely justified reasons you can't move to the cloud? That's fine. We know all about on-premise, physical infrastructure and can even help with Hybrid solutions whether that's a stepping stone to the cloud or an appropriate, more permanent architecture.

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Warehouses, Dashboards and Scorecards, Big Data, Reporting - it seems marketing departments come up with a new term for our core business every few months.
Data Analytics is about providing you with the tools to make sense of your data and after a number of years of being, let's be honest, a bit lost, Microsoft have finally got a suite of tools that do justice to the fantastic SQL and Azure data platform. It's not perfect (yet) but with monthly releases and a culture of giving users and developers what they are asking for, the future is very, very exciting

Data Science

It seems everyone is a data scientist these days but no-one really knows what a data scientist actually does! This means there's quite a few blaggers out there who think wearing a sharp suit and knowing a few statistical algorithms will get you by.

For us, data science is simply about using your data to find insight that isn't always obvious. This might be using complex statistical tools but it might also be simply applying our years of experience of doing what we do to your problem. Don't get caught by the data science buzz, talk to us about how much science you really need

Data as a Service

The ever-changing range of technologies and business demand to harness the potential of new or expanding data sets, intensify the challenge to not only operate a data analytics platform, but to also evolve it to build and maintain competitive advantage.

Adatis provides a specialist and modern managed service built on DevOps practices and Microsoft Azure Data Platform, Power BI and SQL Server BI capabilities. That is tailored for the efficient operation and effective evolution of your data analytics platform.

There's a reason for so many pictures of our team on this website: They're more important to us than anything else. They inspire us, our customers and each other every day. Our priority as a business is to make sure they are not only challenged and happy but also to make sure they never leave. This also means we're incredibly fussy about who we hire

We are curious, driven, compassionate, tenacious, sharing, friendly, independent, collaborative, communicative, supportive, self-motivated, and love data.

We want to work with people interested in making sense of people's data and the world a better place. Think you’ve got what it takes?

To be the data analytics company most admired for its people, culture and innovation

Our Team

About Us

Like many great ideas, the seeds of Adatis were planted after one too many beers in a small bar in Houston, Texas in 2004 but it was a couple of years and a few more nights out before things really got started. We had worked together for a number of years and found we shared a similar vision of what is important, both in life and in business..

We'd heard too many buzzwords and sat in too many meetings about meetings to know that wasn't for us. We wanted to be a company who only gave advice it believed in, where people genuinely enjoyed coming to work every day and who delivered great projects on exciting tech.

We came up with a name (harder than we thought) and in June 2006, we sat in Martyn's lounge wondering what the hell we had done! We won our first project at about a month later and took on our first employee about 18 months after that.

Growing the company over the last ten years through some tough economic times is something we're really proud of. But even more so is the team around us. We're incredibly fussy about who we hire and whilst that makes recruitment hard work sometimes, it means we've got people around us who inspire us every day.

A set of rules, guidelines and principles that influence everything we do


We have a fantastic, long standing relationship with Microsoft.

We are extremely proud to be a certfied Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics, Cloud Platform, Data Platform and DevOps and work with the Microsoft teams in both the UK and US.

We are technologists

We are passionate about technology. We love to learn the new stuff, we love to innovate, we love to perfect the mainstream but above all we love to see technology make a difference.

The sheer breadth of the Microsoft Data Analytics stack is now mind-boggling but we're all over it. We have specialists in the traditional to the modern and can help with strategy, advice, delivery and support. Our projects span the stack and can include:


  • SQL Server
  • Integration Services
  • Master Data Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Analysis Services

Modern Big Data Analytics

  • Power BI
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Data Catalog
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure SQL DW
  • Databricks


  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure HDInsight
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • R

Knowledge sharing is a huge part of our culture. We've written over 500 blog posts on a diverse range of topics (not just geek stuff), a book on Master
Data Services (read a sample chapter) as well as a number of "aren't we great" case studies (The marketing guys made us!).

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